Jenileah Hallingbye, M.B.A

CMC Board 2013 - 2021

Andrew Rose, MD

Gordon “Max” Mickelson III
Charman, Wyoming Governor’s Council on Developmental Disabilities
Rock Springs, Wyoming

​Adam Harris

Curator of Art
National Museum of Wildlife Art
Jackson, Wyoming

​David Bush, Member

My WHY – We can make Cheyenne better. We can improve the future of kids and our community.

Monica Jennings Woodard, Member

My WHY – Children need exposure to learn, grow, dream, and make a positive impact with in their lives and the lives of others. Children’s museums across the world ignite the fire that leads to this.


Jakob Norman, CEO, JD
Mesa Labs
Casper, Wyoming

Thank you Janelle Rose for Board photos!

Jen Seitz, BA Education

CMC Board 2014 - 2019

Amy Gorby, Secretary

My WHY – to bring joy to our community! To celebrate learning, Wyoming’s various attributes and each other.

Trish Peoples, Interim Executive Director

​My WHY – Let’s build a better Cheyenne.

Caroline Veit, President

My WHY – to offer our kids what I did not have access or opportunity to when I was a kid.

Advisory Board

Danielle Scholl, Treasurer

My WHY – To have a place for families and children to gather, learn, and let kids be kids.

Carolyn Johnson, Vice President

My WHY – I want a children’s museum in Cheyenne to provide a fun, interactive, nurturing and educational experience to our community members.

Board of Directors

Jim Johnson, Member

My WHY – CMC will be an important family entity in our capitol city, by providing STEAM exposure to our youth.

Amber Nuse, CPA

CMC Board 2013 - 2019

Carol Mead

Former First Lady of Wyoming

Susanna Bird

CMC Board 2014 - 2022