Guitar basics

Harmonica class

Piano basics

Learning to read music (basic theory)

Learning kids songs, basic hand movement songs

Sign language basics

Foreign language basics

Crocheting classes

Cross-stitch class

Sewing classes

Painting class

Sculpting class

Drawing basics

Creative writing class

Storytelling basics

A reading of your favorite children’s book

Minecraft class

Coding class

Make your own playdough, slime or silly putty

Finger Puppet Play

Blue Sky

How my body works (basic anatomy)

Understanding my emotions

What to do when I feel scared, nervous or anxious

Exploring my individual talents and abilities

Making easy, healthy snacks

Cake/cupcake decorating

Cookie making

Basic cooking skills

Learning about food from around the world

Kitchen safety

Ninja class

Cross-fit class

Yoga class

Dance class (ballet, hip hop, jazz, tap)

Martial arts class

Hola hoop class

Meditation class

Basketball basics

Movement games

Bicycle/scooter/skateboard safety classes

Horseback riding basics

Tips for keeping your room clean and making your own bed

Making paper airplanes/boats

Tips on flying remote control airplane, car or boat

Craft class for toddlers or kids

Shadow puppet class

Night sky gazing (constellation)class

Planet education class

Cloud education and craft class

Rainbow education class (walking rainbow activity)

Guided nature walk

Wyoming Birding (identifying birds and their calls) class 

Wyoming Animals (identifying animals and their calls) class

Learning to care for pets

Make a water wheel out of popsicle sticks 

Build your own miniature succulent garden

Identifying rocks


With the help of our amazing community, Children’s Museum of Cheyenne can be brought to life - Right Now! - Online!

CMC is looking to invest in 50-100 fun, hands-on, learning and STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Art, Math) inspired video experiences created by our local artists, educators, makers, doers, musicians, story tellers, cooks, dancers, coaches, businesses, crafters, and dreamers. CMC Online will be a fun, inspired, hands-on community resource for children and families to enjoy at home.

Click below to learn how you can share your talent, experience, and knowledge and inspire a love of learning.

Experience Ideas


An inspired resource, created for our community, by our community, to engage and inspire kids and families right at home.

Neighborhood, State, or Country Scavenger Hunt 

Cultural awareness class

State Capitol

Wyoming geology class (what geological formations there are in WY, types of rocks) 

Hiking tips with kids

Wyoming historical events class

Learn to say “hello” in different languages

Take a snack tour around the World

Build your own volcano

Crazy Train