Who will benefit?

Cheyenne Orthodontics

Cheyenne Regional Medical Center 
Children's Hospital of Colorado  
Cloud Peak Energy 

Design the World
Max and Victoria Dreyfus Foundation
First Interstate Bank 
Homer and Mildred Scott Foundation 
Pinnacle Bank 
Sam's Club Store

Stitches Acute Care Center
Union Pacific 
Walmart Distribution Center 
Walmart Store 

​Wright Ranch and Resources, LLC

CMC Mobile Museum at the Laramie County Library

We want to inspire as many children as possible to learn. We can take the Mobile Museum around the county and state until we have our fixed facility and then lease or loan it to towns around the state for longer periods of time. 

Additionally, employers in Wyoming struggle to fill technical related fields with local talent. By engaging our children early in STEAM related learning, they will be more likely to pursue careers in technical related fields and transition more successfully from school to work life or post secondary. This is especially important for our young girls who in Wyoming will earn at least 33% less than men (Status of Women in the States: 2015, a project of the Institute for Women’s Policy Research). This is largely in part to men occupying STEM related jobs 1.7 times more often than women. The wage gap is projected to be present in Wyoming until the year 2159. With focused STEAM related education, we proactively shorten this time frame.

CMC’s Mobile Museum is targeted specifically for ages 2-7 with Universal Design so children with disabilities can interact next to their peers: a lacking opportunity in much of Wyoming. 

CMC will establish a schedule for the Mobile Museum that will impact the greatest number of children in Wyoming as possible. The anticipated schedule is eight events each year for two years throughout Wyoming to include sites such as Curt Gowdy Welcome Center, the Evanston Round House, the National Museum of Wildlife Art, and the Campbell County Recreational Center. Each event will last an average of three days. There will be scheduled times for preschools, daycares, and kindergartens to use the museum. Drop in days will also be available for all other community members.

Why are we doing it?

What is CMC's Mobile Museum?

The Mobile Museum provides different areas or stations, which facilitate a variety of hands-on, inspired learning activities. The activities will have activity prompts displayed that provide challenges and facilitate discovery. The activity prompts also encourage child/ adult collaborative learning and guide children and adults through the exhibit, creating a path for playful and creative co-discovery. This will enhance children and adults’ interactive experience. 

The activities are included because they provide children opportunities to practice skills that foster learning in STEAM. STEM education refers to the areas of science, technology, engineering and mathematics. STEAM education incorporates the “A” for the arts – recognizing that to be successful in technical fields, individuals must also be creative and use critical thinking skills which are best developed through exposure to the arts.  STEAM initiatives in after-school and summer programs are means to encourage, educate and prepare today’s youth to pursue careers in in STEM-related fields. 

Who helped make it possible?

What are the educational goals?

Children's Museum of Cheyenne's Mobile Museum has been “STEAMing Across Wyoming” since 2016!  This mobile, interactive, "mini," children's museum train exhibit celebrates our beautiful Wyoming by taking children on an inspired-learning journey around the state. Activities begin at the “Depot” and feature activities including: 

  • Planning a trip: children will use maps and major geographic features throughout Wyoming to plan their journey. 
  • Preparing for departure: children will pack, weigh and measure luggage. They will also pack a healthy lunch and don safety gear. 
  • Driving a Train: gears, levers, coal bins, luggage deposit, operation of train cars will all be included here to help with manipulation, engineering, and science skills. 
  • The Journey: animal shapes, sizes, texture, and weight will be featured and compared to our patrons. 
  • Art Station: children will make a souvenir of animal tracks or nature to take home.