"I want a Children's Museum to provide a unique learning environment for children and adults to enjoy together.  I want children to experience hands-on exploratory play in a safe and fun environment.  I want them to love to learn and be inspired to be creative."

- Carolyn Johnson

"Play is the highest form of research"

"The Children’s Museum will be an important downtown amenity for Cheyenne, as well as a first-class educational opportunity for our kids. Cheyenne is my hometown and I want it to be the best it can be!"

- Dave Bush

"Seeing the gears turn and the spark in their eye when they've created, built, or figured something out is why I want the Children's Museum of Cheyenne. Creating a place in our community that will help children grow their love of learning and give them a safe space to dream big and explore is a valuable investment.

-Jenileah Hallingbye

It's not that children are little scientists - it's that scientists are big children.

Scientists are the few people who as adults get to have this protected time when they can just explore, play, figure out what the world is like.

- Alison Gopni

"To be a place for kids that would be what I needed when I was kid."

- Caroline Veit, CMC President